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"Diatomaceous Earth food grade"

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Food Grade DE

Diatomaceous Eath powder

Food Grade DE

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Diatomaceous Earth for the Garden

Pure Freshwater Diatomaceous Earth and is OMRI listed for organic use. It is made up of tiny fossilized water plants that are ground into a fine white powder. On a microscopic level, these tiny, sharp particles that will help you keep your garden organic and kill many pests that would love to do damage to your garden plants, vegetables and flowers! It's known to kill ants and other soft-bodied insects by scratching their exoskeleton, and by doing so, will dehydrate them causing them to die.

You can use a sifter or make a shaker with an empty coffee can by putting some holes in the bottom and shake diatomaceous earth onto your garden. Sifters are much easier to work with!
Just sift some around and even on your plants and you will be bug free. After you water or if it rains just reapply!

These broccoli plants are side by side in the garden!

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Goodbye Ants

See an ant hill? Just sprinkle some right on the ant hill and soon they will be dead and gone!

DE will also control creepy crawlers such as snails and slugs. They crawl over it and it dries them up very nicely to protect your tomato plants!
So just put a thin layer of DE around the base of your plants and use the sifter or can to dust the leafs and your plants are protected and you don't need to worry about bugs and feel good that there are no chemicals on your plants and veggies!

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Words of wisdom

1. Wear gloves as DE will dry your hands up!
2. Don't breath DE dust as it will irritate your lungs.
Don't freak out about this! I mean you don't go around inhaling flour dust or baby powder dust! Just use common sense!
3. Make sure you are using FOODGRADE DE not pool grade, big difference!

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is 100% organic and not a chemical pestiside!

What People are Saying

Bought your DE for use in our garden and no more slugs and other pests! Thanks!

Dennis and Nancy B.

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Diatomaceous Earth Garden uses, kill
ants, kills slugs, get rid of bugs and pests in garden!

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